About us


The beginning of the company dates back to the end of 1992, when Jan Pacal, as a natural person, started his business in the cellar of his family house. He was engaged in the production of machines and equipment with mechanical drive. After more and more frequent orders, the premises began to be inadequate, so in 1999 Jan Pacal decided to buy an old unused farm building in the village of Svařenov near Velký Meziříčí. Gradually, part of the building was renovated and part of the building was rebuilt from the ground up.  The entire production was then moved to the new premises.

In 2004, Jan Pacal and his son Luboš founded JPL kovo s.r.o. and continued production as a limited liability company.

In 2007, the hayloft, which used to be part of the original farm building and served the company as a material warehouse, was demolished. In the same year, on the site of the former hayloft, construction of a new hall began, which was completed with paving throughout the company's premises in 2008.

Around 2008, JPL kovo s.r.o. acquired its first CNC machine. Due to the ever-increasing demand for production, the company decided to invest in additional machinery. Over time, the machines have been renewed to their current state.