CNC lathes - are equipped with a bar feeder capable of feeding bars in lengths of 1000 mm. Driven tools ensure machining in one clamping. Therefore, they are suitable for serial production of parts up to Ø 50 mm.

CNC milling machines - standard equipment including Renishaw sighting probes. Akira Seiki has an additional fourth axis (punch). The machines are suitable for both piece and batch production.


Robotic workplace Fanuc + bending press RICO I-line 30160

Robotic workplace with bending press RICO I-line 30160

Mazak QT Nexus 100-IIMSY + bar feeder Breuning

max. turning length 404 mm
max.  Ø bar 51 mm

DMG CTX Alpha 300/500 + bar feeder Spacesaver

max. turning length 385 mm
max. Ø bar 51 mm

Akira Seiki SV1050 + 4 axis

starts in axes X/Y/Z 1050 / 540 / 560 mm
RPM 12 000 ot/min

Macmatic VMC 1600

starts in axes X/Y/Z 1600 / 700 / 700 mm
RPM 10 000 ot/min

Style 510

max. Ø 510 mm
max. 2 500 ot/min.
Ø spindle drilling 80 mm

bending press Rico PRCN I-line 30160

maximum bending length 3 000 mm
bending thickness 5 mm


maximum cut length 2 000 mm
maximum cut thickness 6 mm
Rear stop stroke 820 mm

Pila Pegas A-CNC-F

maximum cutting Ø 290 mm
automatic material feeding

Pila TMJ PP 301

maximum cutting Ø 290 mm


Run-up 600×250 mm

Surface grinder

grinding surface 200×600 mm



točný Ø 350 mm, točná délka 1 000 mm


We use various brands of gauges for measurement and control. We mainly rely on the quality of brands such as: Mitutoyo, Sylvac, Trimos, Bowers and others.