We manufacture components, structures for the installation of photovoltaic power plants.

Different panel holders and brackets are used for mounting photovoltaic power plants on the roofs of houses and companies. The photovoltaic panel is mounted on a structure which consists as a whole of structures and components supplied by us, such as AL profile, edge bracket, centre bracket, roof hook, trapeze bracket. Everything is made of aluminium or stainless steel for long life of the structure. Of course, we also offer fasteners as well.

Hooks and profiles

HŠ - stainless steel roof hook screwed

HŠS - stainless steel roof hook, screwed, adjustable

HŠSS - cherry stainless steel hook screwed, adjustable, welded

H2S - Roof hook 2x adjustable

Úchyt - grip for the hip roof

PR - AL strut for combi bolts

SUAL - centre handle aluminium

KUAL - edge grip aluminium

SPV - AL coupling for profile 45×40

SDTR - trapeze roof bracket

AL profil 50×45, délka 4,3m

SP - AL coupling for profile 50×45

AL profil 45×40, délka 4,3m

Fastening material

KŠV - nerez kombi šroub s šestihranem M10×180

VR - vrut s talířovou hlavou Ø8, délka 80, žlutý zinek

ŠJ - imbus M8×35 nerez

PSG - podložka s těsnící gumou

TŠR - T šroub M10×25

KM - kladívková matice


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